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Handmade Paper : Handmade Paper Boxes

Handmade Paper Boxes

The handmade paper industry has diversified its product range over the past few years. Initially handmade paper was exclusively used as writing paper or gift-wrapping paper. As the demand for handmade paper increased the manufacturers began expanding their product range. They entered those segments of the market that required eco-friendly and non-toxic packaging. The manufacturers started making handmade paper boxes that could be used to package a number of things.

The handmade paper folding boxes are environment friendly, attractive and exclusive. Handmade paper boxes can be used for different purposes. Special handmade paper boxes are made to be used as sweet and cake boxes. Ornamental and decorative boxes are used as jewellery boxes, bangle boxes, gift boxes etc. These bright, colorful boxes add a special and distinctive touch to anything that you are gifting.

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