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Use delicate handmade paper jewellery boxes to gift and store ornaments.
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Handmade Paper Jewellery Box

As handmade paper is so beautiful and pleasing to look at that the manufacturers have come up with a number of attractive gift products. One such item is the handmade paper jewellery box. These delicate, stunning and exquisite handmade paper products are just right for holding precious jewellery. There are specially made handmade paper bangle boxes and ring boxes as well.

Different types of jewellery boxes are available. Some jewellery boxes are square shape and have only one section in which you can place your jewellery. Some boxes have drawers; they have two or more drawers. You can place different pieces of jewellery in different sections. The boxes with multiple sections looks like a cupboard and can be opened and closed like one. Ornaments can be kept separately and then the box can be closed and secured with the strings provided. Jewellery boxes are made with decorative handmade paper like bright colored handmade paper with silk embroidery in a contrasting color or with handmade paper with zari work or with floral handmade paper. They are square shaped, round shaped and even heart shaped jewellery boxes. Some of these boxes are decorated with dried flowers and some with stain roses. These jewellery boxes are unique, functional and a joy to behold.

Exquisitely made handmade paper bangle boxes are also available to keep your delicate and precious bangles. These boxes come with a detachable rod in the middle of the box that can be remove in order to place the bangles safely on the rod. Though these boxes look very delicate they are sturdy and can carry the weight of your bangles. These boxes are normally made from leatherette handmade paper, floral handmade paper, gold printed handmade paper and embroidered handmade paper.

Handmade paper jewellery ring boxes are a beautiful alternative to the ordinary ring boxes. These ring boxes made from vibrantly colored and textured handmade paper are stunning and exclusive. Ring boxes are available in round and square shapes. These boxes look just as fragile as the contents of the box. These are ideal to gift a beautiful ring to the one you love.

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