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Read information about the handmade paper telephone index cum diary.
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Handmade Paper Telephone Index Cum Diary

Handmade paper is an eco-friendly alternative to mill made paper. As handmade paper is tree-free and is made mostly from cotton rags, it helps preserve the environment. As more and more people become conscious about preserving the environment they are switching over to handmade paper. Especially a number of corporate houses are trying to switch to handmade paper stationery. Handmade paper can be used for writing on, for official letterheads, for printing material and for faxing as well. There are number of handmade paper products that many business houses have started using in the recent past.

One such handmade paper product is the telephone index cum diary. These come in two attractive designs and are look different from similar mill made products. Handmade paper telephone index cum diary comes in a design where the product is two- tiered made with attractive handmade paper cover and with pages made of handmade paper too. The two-tiered design is unique and distinctive setting it apart from the ordinary telephone diaries. The other design for the telephone diary is the one in which it looks like a small notebook. In this design too the cover is brightly colored and the entire product is made of handmade paper. Some of these little diaries have gemstone pictures of gods, goddess and Indian princesses etc. The covers of both these designs are made of leatherette handmade paper, green straw mottled handmade paper, moon rock handmade paper and embroidered handmade paper etc.

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