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Read about elegant handmade paper lampshades.
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Handmade Paper Lampshades

There are a number of innovative and creative products that can be made from handmade paper. These products are useful, durable and attractive. Lampshades are one such product. Lampshades add to the décor and appearance of a room. Lampshades make normal light fixtures look attractive and reflect your personal taste and preference. Lampshades made from handmade paper are both attractive and unique. These lampshades really help in setting the mood of a room. Lampshades made from handmade paper look more fragile and elegant than fabric made lampshades.

Handmade paper lampshades come in numerous types and shapes. And as people are becoming more and more conscious about the environment, they prefer using handmade paper lampshades. Handmade paper lampshades are available in different types. There are wall scones, ceiling fixtures, table and floor lamps and custom made lampshades, just to name a few. Wall scones are designed in such a way that they hang on any wall surface and are wired into an electrical box recessed in the wall. The handmade paper lampshade is backed with a stiff material that is used in traditional lampshades. Wall scones are made with mottled handmade paper. These handmade paper lampshades usually have grass, straw or petals in them. Another type of handmade paper lampshades is the shade for a ceiling fixture. These handmade paper lampshades are similar in shape to lampshades made out of fabric or glass. But handmade paper diffuses the light in such a beautiful manner and any other fabric cannot achieve this diffusion. A distinctive product is the table and floor lamp. These lamps provide accent lighting wherever they are displayed. When handmade paper lampshades are used for these lamps the effect is truly dramatic. Most of the accent lighting is customized according to the specifications given by the customer. These handmade paper lampshades are unique and add a new dimension to lighting. Handmade paper lampshades for floor lamps are made from fibrous golden colored paper or with paper that has bits of fiber and bark. Long grass, reed and willow twigs are added inside the lampshade and attached to the corners of the lamp to give is a distinctive look. When the lamp is lit one can see the shadow of the grass and reed through the shade. Most handmade paper lampshades are custom made. These custom made lampshades include handmade paper that has ferns and other leaves placed on the paper in a particular pattern. All lampshades made of handmade paper use light colors mostly in shades of cream, white or beige as they allow light to diffuse nicely.

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