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Read about the interesting and useful handmade paper stationery set.
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Handmade Paper Stationery Set

One of the pleasing things about handmade paper is that no trees need to be harvested to make handmade paper. A process of recycling pre-consumed products makes handmade paper. A number of raw materials can be used to make handmade paper it includes vegetable matter like leaves, potatoes, flower, old ropes, canvas, linen and cotton rags. Any material that has fibers and is capable of forming a continuous sheet can be used as raw material to make handmade paper.

Apart from handmade paper, there are a number of handmade paper products that are made from handmade paper. One such product is the stationery set. This set can be used at home and in the office. The stationery set has been designed to hold a number of small stationery items that normally clutter the table. The stationery set has holders, folders and other filing facilities that have been specially designed. Special attention has been paid to the drawer section, the concealed section and it has front open flaps. When not in use it and be tied up into a neat looking box. This stationery set can hold documents, clips, pins, staples, pens etc. all in one. This is a neat and tidy way of organizing your stationery and keeping your table well organized.

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