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Read about handmade banana paper.
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Handmade Banana Paper

Today handmade paper is increasing becoming an interesting alternative to mill-made paper. Handmade paper is eco-friendly and the production process does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals. As the handmade paper is made with pre consumed cloth and cotton rags it does not involve the indiscriminate felling of trees that has an adverse effect on the environment. Besides handmade paper comes in variety of types, textures and in all colours.

One of the interesting types of handmade paper is banana paper. This delicate looking handmade paper is made from the bark of the banana plant. Though the paper looks beautifully fragile it is known for its strength. The paper is made from the tree stem of the banana plant. Banana paper is elegant and is often the preferred handmade paper for gift-wrapping and for making decorations. This paper can be used to make notebooks and stationery paper, as the smooth finish of the paper is a joy to write on. Banana paper is often used to make lampshades as well. This paper is available in its natural shade and can be dyed in any color that one chooses. Banana paper can be given different textures and mottled to give a distinctive look. Such banana paper can be used to make exquisite paper products and accessories like desk accessories, files, gift boxes, crafts and for wedding invitations etc. Handmade banana paper is for the discerning few who can appreciate this delicate natural paper and know that by using they will be making a style statement.

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