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Read about crinkle handmade paper that can be used to add sparkle to handmade paper products.
Handmade Paper : Types : Crinkle Handmade Paper

Crinkle Handmade Paper

There are innumerable types of handmade paper. Each of them has their own unique texture and appearance. Therefore the same handmade paper product, made from different types of handmade paper, looks different as it takes on the character of the type of handmade paper used. One among the numerous types of handmade paper is crinkle or crinkled handmade paper.

Crinkle handmade paper has a slightly crushed or wrinkled appearance. This crinkling effect adds to the character and dimension to the paper. Crinkled handmade paper looks deadly, has rich texture and is available in a range of pleasing colors. To enhance the appearance of this paper mica specs are added to the paper while producing it. This gives the paper additional luster and adds elegance to it. Mica powder is sometimes sprayed onto the crinkled paper that makes the paper a delight to behold as they sparkle. This paper is available is bold dark shades as well as soothing pastel shades. The paper is available is different thicknesses as well. This paper can be used for making envelopes, files, pencil holders, paper trays and lampshades etc. They can be used as gift-wrapping paper that will sparkle and add to the beauty of the gift.

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