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Read about embroidered handmade paper.
Handmade Paper : Types : Embroidery Handmade Paper

Embroidery Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is available in such a variety that one has a wide range to choose from. Handmade paper is normally made from waste cotton rags and the production process does not involve any harmful chemicals. Handmade paper uses natural products and it production does not pollute the environment. Using handmade paper shows your concern for the environment and shows that you are trying to make your contribution to saving the environment, no matter how small it is.

One particular type of handmade paper that reflects the creativity of the artist is the embroidered handmade paper. Embroidery is done on handmade paper in different floral and abstract patterns. The embroidery gives the handmade paper a very festive look and makes the paper look ornamental. Embroidery is done using threads that either contrast or compliment the color of the handmade paper. This paper is available in all hues, thickness and different thread colors. The embroidered handmade paper is very popular for gift boxes, gift bags, photo-frames, book covers etc.

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