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Leatherette handmade paper can be used instead of real leather for a number of products.
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Leatherette Handmade Paper

Apart from the normal range of handmade paper there are some special type of handmade paper as well. One such type of handmade paper is leatherette handmade paper. This paper is made in such way that it looks like real leather. It is natural alternative to real leather. This paper is given the texture and the appearance of real leather. The paper is manufactured with such craftsmanship that the quality matches real leather and it can be put to all the uses that real leather is put to. This is an environmental friendly alternative to real leather as well. The quality and finish of leatherette paper is so good that it gives many people a reason to shift to this natural alternative.

Leatherette handmade paper can be used for a number of things. It can be used to cover business diaries, to make business files, briefcases, desktop accessories etc. Though this paper looks like leather it is available in a wide range of colours. This paper can be used as gift-wrapping paper as well. Leatherette handmade paper can be used to make a number of decorative handmade paper products. If you are creative enough you can use it instead of real leather in a number of products.

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