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Read about the pride of the Himalayas - the Lokta handmade paper.
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Lokta Handmade Paper

Handmade paper come in such variety that it is astonishing. Not only are they pleasing to the eye but they are eco-friendly as well. As the paper is made from waste and is tree-free, it adds to the appeal of the paper. Handmade paper is available in all colors of the rainbow and in both dark and light shades, which is an added advantage. The thickness of the paper can also be varied, according to the use, the paper is going to be put to. Another advantage of handmade paper that very few people know of, is that it is insect resistant as well.

A special variety of handmade paper, known as Lokta paper, is made in such a way that it has inherent protection against insects. Herbs from the Himalayas and Nepal are added to the Lokta paper during the manufacturing process. These herbs make the paper resistant to insect attack for hundreds of years. Lokta paper is mottled with herbs and flower petals from the Himalayas. This not only protects the paper but makes the paper look simply beautiful. This paper is mottled with dry leaves and fiber as well. Lokta mottled handmade paper is available in a wide range of shades and is excellent paper for handmade paper products, greeting cards, corporate stationery etc.

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