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Find out how the beautiful and elegant mottled handmade paper is created.
Handmade Paper : Types : Mottled Handmade Paper

Mottled Handmade Paper

Mottled means to make spots or blotches that are of different shade or color. Mottled handmade paper uses various natural materials available to change the appearance of the paper and give it a totally different and unique look. Adding different materials during the production of the paper enhances the beauty of the paper and gives it a very distinctive look, thus creating mottling paper.

Perhaps the most popular and the most familiar mottled handmade paper is floral handmade paper. In this paper petals and small flowers are added to the manufacturing process to produce floral handmade paper. Other things that are added to create mottled paper is grass, coriander leaves etc. The combination of flower petals and grass is especially attractive and elegant. Flowers that are commonly used to make mottled paper are rose, cornflower, marigold, aster etc. Stands or fibers of jute, straw, silk are also added to the paper while producing it to give the paper a very different finish. Long threads of silk and jute give the paper a strange flowing quality that is very soothing. Apart from these things tealeaves, gold and silver flakes, shinning particles, newspaper shreds, dried and broken leaves are added to create the mottled effect. Each material used gives the paper an exclusive and exceptional look and each one is distinctive from the other. Mottling paper can be used for making cards and wedding invitations, for wrapping gifts, for attractive carry bags, for writing paper and to make gift items.

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