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Find out why spray coated handmade paper is a favourite for gift wrapping.
Handmade Paper : Types : Spray Coated Handmade Paper

Spray Coated Handmade Paper

Irrespective of how small or large a gift is, if it is wrapped in an attractive and eye-catching paper, it adds a whole new dimension to the gift. Decorative and ornamental handmade paper is often used as gift-wrapping paper or to make gifts boxes and elegant gift bags. A simple bottle of wine gifted in a special gift handmade paper bag adds to the value to the gift. Wrapping gifts in elegant handmade paper or using handmade paper gift boxes and handmade paper gift bags adds to the presentation of the gift. It also shows that you have taken care to find the right kind of wrapping paper for your gift.

Spray coated handmade papers are often used as wrapping papers for gifts, or to make gift boxes, favor boxes and gift bags. This special type of paper adds a touch of class to the gift. Spray coated handmade paper is available in an impressive range and in three distinctive textures and in a wide array of colors. In this type of handmade paper, special elements are sprayed on the surface of the paper once it is made. The different textures of papers are non-metallic, metallic and mix metallic. The special elements that are sprayed on to the surface make the paper glitter thus making it a favourite for gift-wrapping. The paper can also be used for wedding invitations, photo albums, photo frames, handmade paper gift articles etc.

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