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What is handmade paper? How is handmade made? Here is definition of handmade paper.

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Handmade paper is a sheet of paper, made individually by hand, using a mould and deckle. The mould is a frame covered with a flat, rigid screen or flexible screen. Deckle is a flat frame used to cover the mould to contain the run-off of wet pulp. In handmade paper, the layer of entwined fibers, held together by the natural internal bonding properties of cellulose fibers lifted by hand, sheet by sheet on moulds in suspension of fibers in water with or without sizing. Handmade paper is made of eco-friendly material such as cotton, silk, and agro waste ((such as sugarcane waste, bark fibers or jute waste). With the growing emphasis on environment, the popularity of handmade paper gifts has increased manifold.

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