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Read about using handmade paper as craft supplies to make craft items.
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Handmade Paper Craft Supplies

Handmade paper is not only used to wrap gifts and make gifts, it can also be used to express one's creativity. Handmade paper can be used to make different craft items at home. Handmade paper can be used for artwork as well. The handmade paper that can be used for painting is made especially for this purpose. Handmade paper has a wide variety of art paper that you can choose from. This paper is acid free and biodegradable. Watercolors, oil paints and charcoal can be used on this paper. These craft supplies are available in different sizes, textures and colors.

Handmade paper can be used as craft material as well. Beautiful greeting cards and birthday cards can be made with different types of handmade paper. All this requires is a little creativity and a handmade paper of your choice. Floral handmade paper, mottled handmade paper and tie and dye handmade paper are the best choice for handmade paper for greeting cards. To make these cards all you need to do is cut out the handmade paper in the shape of the card and use a bright colored pen to write on and in it. Just doing this much will make the card beautiful and appealing. If you want to make it more decorative, you can stick dried flowers on the handmade paper card or stick tinsel on it or even draw on it. Handmade paper can to used to make simple crafts around the house as well. If you have small children at home you can use brightly colored handmade paper to cut out the English alphabets and use it to teach them the alphabets. Similarly you can use handmade paper as craft material at home and in play schools to cut out different shapes; fruits, flowers etc. to teach the children. Handmade paper can be used to create a number of craft items at home all you need is a little imagination.

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