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Use decorative screen and block printed handmade paper for gift-wrapping during the festive season.
Handmade Paper : Types : Printed Handmade Paper

Printed Handmade Paper

Another special type of handmade paper is printed handmade paper. Beautiful handmade paper is used to print traditional Indian prints on them. The prints are either screen-printed or block printed on to the handmade paper. These prints add a lot of grace and elegance to this extraordinary paper. These prints make the paper very decorative and festive looking and therefore are a favourite with many for gift-wrapping especially during the festive seasons like Diwali or Christmas. Gift boxes, sweet boxes, gift bags, favor boxes are made with this paper. Using this paper with gold work on it adds a dramatic effect to the presentation of a gift.

Prints that are commonly used to make this type of handmade paper include hand block print in gold, hand block print in contrasting colors, ethnic prints in gold colors and in contrasting colors. All the prints used are the traditional prints that are used to hand print fabric. Printed handmade paper is available in numerous shades and thickness. These papers are available in single, double and triple color printing on either plain or mottled handmade paper. They are often used to make diaries, mats, coasters, invitation cards etc.

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