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Read information about handmade paper rough pads.
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Handmade Paper Rough Pads

Rough paper pads are a part of office desktop accessory. These rough pads or rough paper slips are used very frequently in any office to take down messages, note down important points, pass on messages to colleagues, remember important appointments etc. Each leaf of the pad is used once and then thrown into the waste paper basket. As a result a lot of paper is wasted in this manner. Most offices use mill made paper that is made from wood pulp. Mill made paper requires the felling of trees to make wood pulp, resulting in damage to the environment. Therefore an environmental friendly alternative to mill made rough paper pads is handmade rough paper pads.

Handmade rough paper pads are completely wood free and are usually made from cotton rags. These rough paper pads are organic and their production process caused no harm to the environment. Most producers of handmade paper will customize these rough paper pads according to the requirements of the consumer. Contribute to preserving the environment by switching to handmade paper rough pads. The thickness and size of the pad can also be customized. Handmade paper rough pads will serve the same purpose as mill made rough pads but will not have an adverse effect on the environment.

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