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Read about handmade paper file folder that can be used as office desktop accessory.
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Handmade Paper Office Folder

Another interesting handmade paper product that can be used as a desktop accessory in any business house is the handmade paper office folder. This file folder is made from eco-friendly handmade paper and has insertions for writing paper. These insertions can be used not only hold writing paper but also can be used to hold important documents. These file folders are handy to carry to a meeting where you need to present important documents and take notes.

These office folders can be made from bright or light colored handmade paper. They are available in different shapes and sizes. These can be customized and can store stationery items at well. These file folders have a metal clip in which you can file your papers as well. Handmade paper office files can be distributed to the delegates during annual meetings, seminars and special meeting held by different departments. It is best to use brightly printed handmade paper file folders to distribute to delegates of special meetings. Handmade paper office files makes a statement about the philosophy of the company as well.

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