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Read about the bright and colorful batik or tie and dye handmade paper.
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Batik Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is available in all the colors and shades that one can think of. From the brightest to the most pastel shades all the hues of nature can be found in handmade paper. When handmade paper is made with flower petals, grass, fresh leaves, gold and silver flakes, dried leaves etc. the material that is added adds its own color to the paper. Therefore these papers have the color of the material added, in addition to the original color of the paper.

But a special kind of handmade paper is made with more than one color, it is known as batik handmade paper. Batik or tie and dye handmade paper uses colors in combination for abstract designs. The resultant product is breath taking. This handmade paper with a beautiful palette of colors is done by hand. A number of vibrant colors and designs are combined and seem sprayed on to the paper. These bright colors represent nature in all its glory. The colors can be a combination of dark colors or pastel colors. Sometimes the two are combined in one. Some batik papers have impressions of the clouds drawn on them. Some tie and dye handmade paper has a special marbling effect on the surface of the paper. The bright beautiful colors of batik handmade paper are delight to behold. These are best for making gift items, gift bags, special stationery and exclusive gift-wrapping paper.

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