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Read about handmade paper shopping bags, gift bags and bottle bags.
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Handmade Paper Shopping Bags

Handmade paper is made from non-wood products and hence does not require the felling of trees. Using handmade paper and its products helps in the preservation of the environment. At present plastic shopping bags are used extensively in our day-to-day life. Plastics are non-biodegradable and hence contribute to polluting the environment. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags is to use handmade paper bags for shopping and our other daily requirements. Handmade paper is made of natural, biodegradable material and is not harmful to our environment. Today there is a conscious effort to shift to handmade paper bags especially shopping bags.

Handmade shopping bags come in a wide variety of types, shapes, colors and textures. Today a number of big business houses and stores have started packaging their goods in simple brown paper shopping bags. The more up-class fashion houses and lifestyle stores have their shopping bags custom made from handmade paper. Using handmade paper is a statement about the organization's concern for the environment. Handmade paper gift bags are becoming increasingly popular today. Putting a gift into a handmade paper gift bag is an attractive way to presenting a gift to a loved one. When you use a gift bag there is not need to wrapping the gift. All you have to do is to put the gift into the ornamental gift bag. Gift bags are made from brightly colored handmade paper the types of paper normally used are block printed handmade paper, gold printed handmade paper, tie and dye handmade paper, mottled handmade paper and floral handmade paper etc. These gift bags are in great demand especially during the festive season as it is the most attractive way of presenting a gift. Handmade paper bottle bags or wine bags are also available. These bags are especially made to carry wine or champagne bottles. These are made thicker and have strong cord handles. Using these elegant handmade paper bottle bags is a beautiful way of presenting exclusive wine to someone special.

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