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Handmade Paper Coasters

Handmade paper was initially started as an eco-friendly alternative to mill made paper. To begin with handmade paper was made exclusively for writing and gift-wrapping. Over a period of time the manufactures of handmade paper diversified and started making different products from handmade paper. These products were simple, easy to make products and when made from handmade paper looked extremely attractive and elegant.

Another innovative desktop accessory that is made from handmade paper are coasters. Coasters have become an essential part of desktop accessory. Using coasters while serving tea or water is considered decent table etiquette. Besides being good table manners, coasters prevent the table top from getting stained which is especially important if the table is made of wood. Handmade paper coasters are available in attractive shapes and have elegant patterns on them. These coasters come with a handmade paper coaster holder as well. The coaster sets are usually made from embroidered handmade paper, leatherette handmade paper, and moon rock handmade paper etc.

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