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Read about leaf impression handmade paper.
Handmade Paper : Types : Leaf Impression Handmade Paper

Leaf Impression Handmade Paper

Over the past few years the popularity of handmade paper is increasing and more and more people are looking at this paper as an alternative to mill made paper. Hence producers of handmade paper are always trying to innovate and create new types and designs of handmade paper. They try to incorporate different elements and make different additions to the paper to make it look different and appealing. Materials like mica, gold and silver flakes, dried leaves and even shredded newspaper are mixed with the pulp to create different types of handmade paper.

One innovative type of handmade paper is the leaf impression handmade paper. In this paper different leaves are used to create an impression on the surface of the paper. Actual leaves and ferns are placed on the paper and then dyeing is done around it. The result is stunning as the patterns of the leaves are clearly visible on the surface of this paper. This paper can be used for writing, for notebooks, scrapbooks, to make different gift items etc.

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