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Read about the elegant and fairy like dew drop design handmade paper.
Handmade Paper : Types : Dew Design Handmade Paper

Dew Design Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is a beautiful alternative to mill made paper. Handmade paper began with a few varieties and these varieties continue to be popular to this day. But this industry is diversifying and creating newer varieties of handmade paper to meet the increasing demand for this type of paper and to attract more customers to change over to this paper. In their effort to create more types of handmade paper, the producers have developed a number of specialty papers like moonrock paper, leatherite paper etc. Another specially created paper is dew design handmade paper.

In this innovative handmade paper is made with gold or silver foil. Elegant designs are made on normal or silk handmade paper with the help of these foils creating an embossed pattern in gold or silver. The gold and silver patterns give the paper a whole new dimension. This paper has small dewdrops made in gold or silver all over and in between the pattern. These little droplets of gold and silver give the paper an ethereal look. The dew design paper is ideal for invitation cards, announcement cards, lampshades, notebook covers, gift-wrapping paper and gift items.

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