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Find out more about smooth and elegant silk handmade paper.
Handmade Paper : Types : Silk Handmade Paper

Silk Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is available in varying thickness. One normally associates handmade paper with the thick variety that is used for making greeting cards and handmade paper products. But some varieties of handmade paper are thin, elegant and smooth that they simply slip through the fingers. One such variety of handmade paper is silk handmade paper.

Silk handmade paper had the smoothness of silk and its touch is majestic. This paper has a rich feel and appearance, using this paper adds a touch of class to the product. This paper is a favourite for wrapping gifts as the sheen and finish of the paper adds class to the gift as well. Silk handmade paper can be mottled as well. Long silk threads are used while making the paper. These silk threads seem to be moving along the surface of the paper. This silk paper is available in different types regular silk, fancy silk, silk laid and silk lace. Colours available range from solid dark colors to light pastel shades. Silk handmade paper is ideal for wedding invitations, gift-wrapping, gift bags, gift boxes, photo albums, scrapbooks etc.

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