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Read about handmade paper that can be used as art paper and watercolor paper.
Handmade Paper : Types : Handmade Art & Watercolor Paper

Handmade Art & Watercolor Paper

The word handmade paper brings to mind beautiful and decorative paper, with flower petals, leaves, grass or printed with bright colors or with delicate golden patterns. One normally associates handmade paper with paper used for making greeting cards, for decorating and wrapping gifts. One thinks of exclusive desk accessory, files, gift boxes and favor boxes made of this elegant and attractive paper. But a thing that one often overlooks is that this paper can be used to write on and even draw on.

Handmade paper offers you a wide variety art and watercolor paper to pour out your creativity to the fullest. The handmade paper art paper is acid free, environmental friendly and biodegradable. They are available in different sizes, textures, and thickness and can be customized according to your requirement. Handmade paper for art and drawing is available in different colors and textures. The difference in texture and nature of the paper will add to the distinctiveness of your artwork. The beautiful colors that this paper is available in will only enhance your work. You can use watercolors, oil colors, charcoal pencils, rubber stamping etc. This paper can be used to print material with the help of an Inkjet or Laser Printer. This handmade paper can be used in the print media as well. Moreover the handmade paper that is suitable for painting and drawing can be used as writing paper and stationary paper even in the office. By using handmade paper for painting, not only find will you find an outlet for your hidden talents, but you will be helping to preserve the environment as well. As handmade paper is made from cotton rags and is tree-free paper.

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