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Read about the most popular handmade paper floral handmade paper made from natural flower petals.
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Floral Handmade Paper

It goes without saying that all the different types of handmade paper are very attractive to look at. The texture, appearance and feel of handmade paper are very different from that of mill made paper. But the prettiest of them all is the floral handmade paper. Flowers attract everyone's attention. The sight of these colourful, beautiful and delicate gifts of nature bring a smile on every face.

Flower petal handmade paper is made using fresh flowers. The petals of fresh flowers are mottled with the paper. The flowers that are commonly used in floral handmade paper are rose, marigolds, aster, bougainvillea, navrang, chrysanthemum and cornflowers. Each flower makes the handmade paper distinctive from the other. Rose petals give the paper a rich pink color and the sight of these bright pink petals on the paper is a delight to behold. The cornflowers have an attractive blue color and handmade paper made with these flowers has a very soothing effect. Marigold and navrang flowers give the paper a bright yellow look. A number of times grass or coriander leaves are used with these flower petals and the resulting paper is simply breath taking. Flower petal handmade paper is perhaps the most popular and the most exquisite of all handmade papers. The rich effect that various colors and shades of petals and grass creates has made this paper a favourite for writing paper, books, letter pads etc. A gift of love wrapped in floral handmade paper elegantly says everything your heart wants to say. Natural flower paper can be used to make exquisite decorative and gift items and for artistic stationary paper.

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