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Read about a creative handmade paper product the handmade paper briefcase.
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Handmade Paper Briefcase

Over the years handmade paper manufacturers have started making products that were thought to be beyond their production capability. These products give you an idea of how versatile a product handmade paper is and the innumerable possibilities with handmade paper. One such product is the briefcase. Very few people can still believe that something as sturdy and often used as the briefcase can be made out of "paper".

A handmade paper product that really stands out is the briefcase. Handmade paper briefcases are an environmental friendly alternative to the materials often used to make briefcases. These briefcases are sturdy enough to carry your important documents and files on a daily basis to the office. These are attractive and elegant enough that they can be taken along for important meetings as well. As briefcases are used by office going people, the colors and type of handmade paper used to manufacture them are sober. They are usually made from leatherette handmade paper, moon rock paper, plain handmade paper in soil colors, mottled handmade paper in dark colors etc. The briefcase is an ideal combination of functionality and elegance.

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