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Here is information about handmade paper pen stands or penholders that are common desktop accessory.
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Handmade Paper Pen Stand

Handmade paper is an environmental friendly alternative to mill made paper. Handmade paper is made from cotton rags and waste. This product is completely wood free and as a result helps in conserving the environment. Over the past few years more and more people are making a conscious effort to help preserve the environment. One of the methods being used is an increased effort to use handmade paper and handmade paper products. As a result many handmade paper companies have come up a range of handmade paper products. Products that are made from handmade paper and hence are eco-friendly. One such product is a common desktop accessory, the pen stand or penholder.

Using a handmade paper pen stand adds color and character to your desk. These penholders are made with different types of handmade paper and come in a variety of colors and sizes. These pen stands can be used to hold a number of items. For one it can hold pens, instead of having them lying around, it can also hold the glue stick, a pair of scissors, the stapler and other such small stationery that one normally leaves lying around the table. By using a handmade paper penholder to store all these items your desk will become more organized and you will be able to find the things you need in an instant. The small sized pen stands can be used to store paper clips, staples etc. in a neat and orderly fashion. These pen stands are made in attractive colors using leatherette handmade paper, moon rock handmade paper, floral handmade paper etc. Desktop accessory made from handmade paper is a class apart and says that you care about the environment. These attractive penholders can be used at home to on the children's study table to ensure that all their writing stationery is in one place. These pen stands are an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to wooden or metallic pen stands.

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