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Embossed Handmade Paper

Though the price of handmade paper is marginally different from mill made paper, some how a certain amount of exclusivity is associated with handmade paper. Often people believe that it is the discerning few who use handmade paper and use it as a status symbol or as means of making a statement. There is no doubt that you make a statement that you care about the environment and are contributing in your own small way to preserve the environment by using handmade paper. Handmade paper in not as expensive as people often think it is. They are more attractive and pleasing than the ordinary mill made paper.

Handmade paper can be embossed with floral and abstract designs. Embossing handmade paper gives the paper a totally different appearance and texture. Embossed handmade paper looks very attractive and is suitable for notebooks, gift boxes, carry bags, folders, files etc. This embossed paper is available in double-sided colors and in different thickness. They come in vibrant colors and it is difficult to resist touching this paper. Embossing can be of different types embossing can be done with velvet on handmade paper. Metal embossing is done on silk handmade paper and the results are stunning. Cutwork is also done on handmade paper in intricate and beautiful designs. Embossing gives handmade paper a very different look.

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